Rise, Ascended Masters, Rise!

It is time to awaken and remember who you are. You no longer need to sleep. You can awaken from your slumber. There is a reason you are here now. There is a reason why you are hearing this. For you, too, are a Ascended Master like me. You hold so many abilities within you. All of the power of the universe exists within. It is time to be. It is time to remember. Awaken All, Awaken All, Awaken All. This awakening will rise and come faster then ever before. I bring in your guides and angels to your life, helping this process come forth with grace and ease. Let this sit in your heart. Soon it will become one with you and you too will do all that you came to Mother Gaia for. Do not fear what is coming. For all of this is in alignment with the universe and all that is to be. May this transition happen with grace and ease. With this said, I am filled with love and excitement for when we start working together. To the rise of becoming one!

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